Jan 14

No dreams possible on the Dreamliner !

K63965 03 lg

Boeing 787 (photo credit: Boeing)

I flew the Dreamliner (Boeing 787) for the first time recently.  It was a Qatar Airways flight between Bangalore and Doha.  I was looking forward to the experience having heard and read so much about the aircraft.

I thought the environment was definitely comfortable.  The windows were nice.  The seats were good considering that it was just a 4 hour flight.  Qatar Airways uses the same 3-3-3 configuration for both 777 and 787.  777 being a wider plane translates into slightly wider seats which are definitely needed on the long distances over which the 777s operate.

Qatar Airways AVOD system as phenomenal.  Ultra modern/futuristic and entertainment selection was not bad either.

But the sound – it was the loudest I remember a modern day aircraft to be. Ever!  There was a lot of vibration as the engines started up after pushback. I have never experienced so much vibration as engines were started on any Boeing or Airbus aircraft.  The vibration was felt for a good 15 seconds or so and went away as engines revved up.

Then it was loud throughout. The engines were loud throughout the cruise speeds, the whirring of hydraulics and the whine of the flaps was exceptionally loud during take off and landing.  I wish I had an app to measure the decibel levels in the plane but by golly they were loud.

Hard to dream on the dreamliner….