Feb 14

Consumption is the biggest problem, Design is one of the best solutions

Picture courtesy NASA

Picture courtesy NASA

We all want to do the right thing when it comes to sustainability and the environment. We want to make the right choices – earth friendly choices when presented with one. Do we really know which choice is better? We rely on folklore to help us decide between paper and plastic for example. But is paper really better than plastic?. While our heart is in the right place we may not be doing much to help the environment until we change our consumption patterns.

The saw this TED talk today and it really resonated with me. Please spare 18 minutes of your time to watch this talk by Leyla Acaroglu (http://on.ted.com/EnvironmentalMyths)

[ted id=1926]

The talk especially has important lessons for designers. Designing for sustainability is not just about using eco friendly materials – it is about taking the entire system and the entire lifecycle into account. And most importantly, to design in such a way to change how one uses your products to reduce consumption.