6 Interesting App I used last year

I like apps.

I am constantly downloading apps both paid and free.  I try to use them, learn from them and appreciate the creativity and evolution of user experience design.  This post is to share some interesting apps I have used in the past year that I really liked and stood out for me.

1. Uber

I absolutely love this app.  Used it extensively in NYC to get from the Airport to Manhattan and back.  Also used it for trips within the city.  The cars were always clean and drivers always courteous.  This app makes using taxis pleasurable again.

The app is very well designed.  It uses all of the information it already has or knows from your smart phone and requires little input from you.  Using GPS you set the pick up location.  Based on the location of the driver who will pick you up, gives you an estimate, tracks the driver’s progress and texts when the driver shows up. So that you are not confused, the app gives you the name of the drive along with a picture, the license plate of the car along with the make and model, and a way to directly contact the driver. When you reach your destination, you get out and walk away – no cash, receipts, tipping etc.

Download and read more by clicking here.


2. Drync

Never forget the name of the wine you enjoyed ever.  The app allows  you to capture the label of the wine, add your notes and save it for future reference.  The app will scan the label and allow you to buy the wine and have it delivered to your door whenever you are ready.  It will also recommend wines based on your ratings.

You can read more and download from here.


 3.  Slice

An app that tracks your packages, price drops and recalls automatically.  For someone like me, who buys a lot on the internet, this app grabs relevant information from your email (like amazon confirmations, invoices, etc) and then tracks them.  All information is in one place, easy to find and easy to track.   Also serves as a nice catalog of all the crap you bought over time.

Read more and download from here.


 4. Simplenote

I really like simple (no frills) text editing apps.  On my mac i extensively use Sublime Text.  I start almost anything I do by creating a list that eventually will be scaffolding using which I complete the task.  I use lists as outlines for documents, to capture all my thoughts on a topic, to-dos, packing, etc etc.  Using a list that simultaneously synchronizes across all my devices is important to me.  In addition, there are lists that I want to collaborate with others.

I needed something that was simple, available and synchronized across my devices and also allowed for simultaneous edits but multiple people.  Simplenote was THE solution.  All this and it also keeps versions of changes so that you can roll back to see a previous version.  I love the simplicity of how collaboration is implemented.  You simply add the email address of the person as a tag.  Thats it!

Simplenote also supports markdowns which makes formatting a breeze which still maintaining a simple text layout.  Simplenote is available only on Mac but is available on iOS and Android.

You can get more information from here.


5. Mem:o

Mem:o takes simple numerical lists and makes them visually interesting.  You can use it to track almost anything and it will present the information in a nice visually interesting way.  You can use it to track the number of miles you run every day or the number of times in the day you facebooked, or the calories you are eating, or the number of hours you worked for a client, and so on.

This app also has a number of new and interesting user interaction paradigm.  It will be interesting to see how this app will evolve and how many of the ideas will get adopted across the app space.  This is an iPad only app.

You can get more details here.


6.  Mindfulness

There is growing evidence that is linking meditation to physical and mental health.  I have dabbled with meditation on and off and could never establish any routine.  I resolved to try to make meditation a permanent part of my day in 2014.  I turned to the app world to help me realize the benefits of meditation.  I was surprised by the number of apps out there.  This app was one of the simplest ones out there.  There were apps with fantastic sound libraries, detailed graphs and analysis, etc.  I was looking for simple and this app fit the bill.

I have used his app a few times and each time it has really helped me through the process.  I introduced my mom to this app and it clearly helped her get back into meditation.  She has been through a lot in the past 3 years and was having a lot of trouble trying to meditate.  She just could not do it.  This app has helped to center her again and get her going.  Now to see if I can do better in 2014 than all the previous years.

Read more and download from here.


There are a number of apps I used and it is hard to just list 6.  These were different and each solved a very specific need for me.

Please comment with your favorite apps and I will be sure to try them out.

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